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Fantasy Football 101: How to Play This article is intended for those curious minds. If you have never played fantasy football or don’t know what it is then you have stumbled upon the right article. Teaching you how to play this popular game from the very first step until you reach the championship is the goal of this article. Definition. You have to choose players from real life football leagues to create a team is what fantasy football is. The better the player performs in real life the better your team performs and results to more fantasy points. To get more fantasy points than your opponents is your goal. League. Joining a league is very important for you to do. It is commonly composed of 8 to 16 players in a league. You are called an ‘owner’ like all the other players. This way you will not be confused with real football league players and you as a player. So you are the owner and you have real life football players in your team. All kinds of leagues either 8-man league, 12-man league, or 16-man league depends on the number of participating players/owners. Including your family, coworkers, and classmates or even online you can play with anyone. You can also choose to be in a free league where you just play for fun or you can be in a money league where there is use of monetary amounts for gain. Using buy-ins you can participate within the league. Spending the amount of money is always up to you depending on the rules set by the commissioner. It is important to know the draft settings and dates set by your commissioner or the leader of your league.
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Draft. The most important part of this game is the draft portion. There are two types, the snake draft or auction draft. When an owner nominates a player and you bid is called an auction draft. The snake draft is very similar to the real life football league except that the next round goes in the inverse draft order as the round before. One quick tip here is not to draft anybody who has severe injuries or who might be dead. If they don’t play they don’t get you any points.
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Team. You will have your own team after the draft. You want to start with your best players and your backups will sit on the bench. If you are facing a tough run defense, you might have to decide on putting your running back on the bench. Improving your team is possible by trades which is possible as well as by waivers. Super Bowl. You need to get into the playoffs first. Make sure to also win the playoffs until the super bowl championship. Playing fantasy football is sure fun and memorable.