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Top Tips for Organic Skin Care While everyone is trying the latest lotions, creams, potions and so on, it’s best to use skin care products that are little more natural (especially for those with hypersensitive skin). Be that as it may, here are ten simple ways to introduce a little bit of nature in your everyday skin care routine. Avoid too much exposure to the sun Never expose yourself to the sun’s direct heat for long periods at it results in wrinkles and aging spots. Before you’re exposed to direct sun, apply some good sunscreen lotion in order to prevent early development of wrinkles and delay aging of skin.
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Workout every day till you begin sweating. This opens up the skin’s pores, flushing out toxins. This is an olden organic skin care tip. Maintain hydration Take loads of water daily. It will remove toxins from body, which are damaging to the skin. Moreover, your skin will remain naturally hydrated. Apply moisturizer Apply a fine moisturizer every day, particularly on your face for a healthy, shiny skin. This is an extremely effective organic skin care tip, particularly for people who usually have dry skin. Reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking Stop smoking and, if you must, take moderate amounts of quality alcoholic drinks. Before bedtime Wash your face before bedtime to get rid of the dirt and makeup. If not, your skin is going to stay clogged up throughout your sleep. Also, your skin needs to breathe. Sleeping with makeup on can result in acne and zits. Use natural makeup products Try to apply organic/natural makeup products. Stay away from chemical-based products because they can damage your skin, particularly when you’re exposed to the sun. They can also irritate sensitive skin. Watch your diet Eat natural healthy food. This will provide your body with the necessary minerals and vitamins essential for your skin. Consume moderate amounts of fried and spicy food. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and sugars and take filtered water for a healthy, glowing skin. Exfoliate once weekly Apply an exfoliation product that fits your type of skin. Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells blocking your skin’s uppermost layer. This will expose the unseen, more youthful skin. Get adequate sleep and avoid stress Stress and sleep are closely linked and most of the harmful effects of stress actually result from inadequate sleep. Without sufficient sleep, your body won’t repair day-to-day damage, which begins to manifest as the bags under the eyes grow and skin tissue fades. Sleep for at least eight hours every night uninterrupted to get an opportunity to recover and restore. Once you follow these steps, you’ll ultimately end up with fine skin–naturally! It’ll take time but once you’re committed to achieving beautiful skin, your health will drastically improve.