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How To Buy Sound Equipment Contrary to what you’re probably anticipating, buying sound equipment for the first time is never an easy task. First of all, you have to know that there are so many different components of an entire sound equipment and you’re not expected to purchase all of them at the same time. The fact is picking the components to buy is going to be the toughest part of the entire experience. For example, you will have to give a lot of weight to your needs, which obviously is your first consideration; but at the same time, you also need to figure out how convenient you want the setup will be as well as the quality of the sound your setup will produce. Next, you have to figure out if you want to use one or a couple of microphones. If you’re wondering why this is important, it’s because the number of microphones you plan on using will determine if you need to buy a sound mixer; in this regard, having to use more than a couple means you do need a sound mixer.
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When it comes to speakers meanwhile, there’s an unwritten rule in which the larger your room setup is the more speakers you’ll need. But if the room is average in size, two speakers are sufficient. But you also need to be reminded that there is no way a one-speaker system will work, regardless of how small the room is. Now if you have speakers which are not powered, it means you’ll need an amplifier. It is strongly recommended that you buy an external amp because in the event that the speaker breaks, the amp won’t be affected.
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At this point, let’s go back and talk about the sound mixer, which actually is the heart of your entire system. You can choose between a digital or the more traditional type; and while most people will tell you that digital is the way to go, some still prefer the traditional variant. Experts seem to agree though that digital mixers are best used for recording while old sound mixers still produce better output for live sound. The moment you’ve made your preferences on the essential stuff like the mic, speakers, amp, and sound mixer, your next focus is on effects processing. Yes, this one’s not really a necessity, but the moment you decide you’ll have multiple zones of speakers in your room, then it only means you’ll have to obtain a delay processor. This takes a lot of calculations on your part but the fact that you decided you’ll have multiple zones means that you know what you’re doing. As much as we hate to admit it but one post isn’t really enough to talk about all the things you still should give consideration in setting up the best possible sound equipment system. So if you wish to come up with the setup you really want, do a lot of reading first.