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What Is Domain Squatting and How Can You Beat It?

When the internet first started, there weren’t too many companies which were interested in embracing it. In fact, many of the large corporations you know today have been quoted as saying they will never have an online presence.

It is that mentality which led businesses like these to make a gigantic mistake – leaving a web address with their business name in it open for the taking.

Enter the world of domain squatting.

The word is easily broken down. Domain is to mean the site address or the internet domain of a website. This is the text after the www. …

The Kitchen You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Getting your house looking the way you want is all about deciding what you’re really looking for and working with what you have in your home. You’ll definitely want to look at the bones that you’re starting with and once you figure that out you can start building up and working on showcasing your own style and your favorite things. It’s all about you, after all, since it is your house. Once you know what you’re looking for you’ll also be able to design things that you want no matter where you want them.


Designing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is …